Flea bites on human

Fleas, the most annoying and unwanted pests are occasionally found everywhere. They are not good for your health and can cause major health problems.

There are types of fleas which commonly have a small size, and are brown. They are wingless and oval. The body comprises of six spiny legs. They have strong and powerful hind legs which are helpful form them for jumping and hopping. They are capable enough to jump over 200 times.

Fleas’ body comprises on antenna and smallmouth part which is used for piercing and sucking. For their food and nourishment, they feed on humans and animals blood. Few of the species of fleas are of the kind which only prey and depend on few and specific hosts. There are other species which can prey and feed on all human and animal species. 

Fleas infest due to the garbage, unhygienic places and especially because of pets. That is the reason the disease of typhus is spread due to fleas. This spreads or transmits into humans or animals bodies when fleas bite a human or animal body. Fleas transmit tapeworm larvae.

Types of fleas

There are 2000 species of fleas and there are more than 400 types of fleas. These are the most prevalent parasites which usually found and prey on those animals which have fur on their bodies. 

There are domestic fleas which are dog fleas, cats’ fleas, human fleas, and rat fleas. 

Cat fleas are mostly found in Australia. They attack humans, rats, dogs, and other mammals.

Dog fleas are a bit different than cat fleas and are less common than them.  

Human fleas are less common than dog fleas and their growth and reproduction can be controlled by taking good care of hygiene. 

Size and shape of fleas

Fleas are parasites which are tiny wingless and flat body pests. They comprise three pairs of legs. Adult fleas are 1/8 inch long. They are dark brownish. They bite very fast with their stinging mouth portion. Sometimes they are hard to spot but you can get their presence when they bite you hard and they wet your hair or suck your body. Involuntarily you respond to that bite. You slap and kill them instantly.

On what fleas feed

Fleas are parasites which feed on warm-blooded animals. It includes human, animals and birds. They feed on those animals which have fur or hair on their body.  Their most favorite hosts are human, rats, dogs and cats. They suck their blood and grow to adult fleas.

The life cycle of fleas

The life cycle of fleas comprises of four stages. Stage one is when they are in the form of an egg. The second stage is when they develop to larva after that in later stages they develop to pupae and adult form.  

This life cycle takes duration of 2 weeks to 8 months. Their growth depends highly on temperature, humidity and food types.

Feeding on blood 

Fleas suck the blood of warm-blooded animals which have fur on their body. Fleas can survive for months without feeding on blood. But not so long, soon after they would need to be fed on any of their victims.  

Symptoms of flea bites

Symptoms of flea bites include:

  • Redness on the infected site
  • Feeling of irritation and itching on the spot
  • Blister or wound 
  • Scratching 

Treatment and remedies

First and foremost important precaution of controlling them is to keep yourself, your house and offices, and your utensils neat and clean. Hygienic considerations are very important to keep in mind. This eliminates and helps a lot in getting rid of fleas. You should clean and wash your places regularly. 

Fleas commonly found on pets so it is very much necessary to keep their bedding and utensils clean. Vacuum their stuff regularly and give them steam. Fleas cannot survive in extreme heat. Give them exposure to high sunlight or any other alternative light to get rid of them.


If you cannot get rid of fleas with non-chemical things or home remedies, then use pesticides to kill these pests. Before doing any treatment for pests, check whether your pets are injured or maybe they are the reason of having fleas.  If there are reasons other than this then use chemical products to get rid of fleas.

Use good quality of spray, which is less toxic and which does not have many side effects or does not have any that would be best for sure. But chemical products always have fewer side effects. Use the application and process constantly at least till then when you get rid of them. 

Keep your garden clean

Fleas mostly rely on and hide in floral leaves. They are found in excessive amounts in the garden. Hence, you are directed to take good care of your gardens. Keep them clean and use pesticides.

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